Dr. Who inspired fingerless gloves!

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As a geek I’m always on the lookout for new awesome crocheting, knitting and sewing patterns. But sometimes, you just want to make your own thing! So that’s exactly what I did! I had created a fingerless glove recipe, inspired by my deep love for Ten and Eleven, from the BBC’s Doctor Who! In case you didn’t watch it so far, I strongly urge you to start! It’s awesome!

Why is it a recipe? Because it allows you to match it to your own hand! No more too loose or too tight gloves! The pattern has photos at the end of every section, explaining the steps! Get yours here:

buy now



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…or how I saved the money.

I’m not a fan of second hand shops. At least, not when it comes to something I would wear. Accessories are, of course, a different thing. Because, who could ever resist such adorable prints and the feel of the fabric.

The exception is when I get something from a friend, like a huge pair of long pants, or a beach skirt, or a lacy sleeveless shirt. But in that case, I know that she took a good care of the items. (Not that others don’t do that too.)

That’s why I never thought I would take a piece of clothing and turn it into something else. However, I think I kind of fell in love with it. It started with my determination to get the hang of sewing by the pattern. It turned out that I had just enough fabric for shorts. The lacy panels were a necessity since, as a complete beginner, I omitted the fact that shorts are supposed to be stretchy and so they didn’t fit around my hips. I do love the effect very much, though.

It would have probably been a good idea to match the direction of cutting up lace panels for the sides and the waistband, but the mistake is barely visible. Next was an A-line skirt from the pants (they were really huge), and just yesterday I went ahead and altered another piece of clothing, this time my own! I turned this:

DSC_0124_059Into this:


The reason why I didn’t wear that dress is because it really didn’t look good on me, especially the upper part. But once I cut it across the waist, and cut up another piece for the waistband, it looked so perfect. Now it really fits me and hugs my curves in a lovely way. I kept the lining as well, so I can wear it outside without worrying that it will show something that shouldn’t be seen😉

That’s why I love alterations! I can use the main piece for something new, and all other pieces for accessories. I’m having so much fun that it’s almost criminal. Try and stop me😉


Am I too late?

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….or, why I’m angry at my country’s educational system.

First of all, I realize that every country isn’t ideal in a different way, and that no matter where you go, some things will not work as planned. I also acknowledge my own doing in the matter, because at the time I didn’t know any better.

Here’s the thing. As a kid, I was very insecure about what I wanted to do in life, and I always kind of went with whatever someone else suggested to me. I’m still working on that, and I’m better at it. So the question of: what do you want to do in your life kept annoying me, because I didn’t know what I wanted to do.

At the end of elementary school, I was supposed to choose my life’s career. Does that sound as scary to you as it does to me? Lifetime? How can anyone be sure if they want to do something for the rest of their lives? However, there was something that sparked my interest. Fashion design.

Please note that at the time I didn’t sew, at all. I knitted and crocheted, but never touched the sewing machine. And yet, I thought that this could be the good idea, because I always loved looking at huge bolts of fabric at the fabric store, and I love the touch and feel of fabric.

Now this is the part that threw me completely into the bushes. In order to even get considered to get into high school, I was supposed to get tested, for them to determine whether or not I’m a good enough candidate.

I applied for a course which was designed to help future fashion designers to prepare for the testing. I didn’t finish it, and I didn’t even bother to apply because I was asked the following:

There was a chair placed on the table, and I was supposed to draw it EXACTLY as it looked like, where all the lines are straight, 3D, with perfect proportions and perfectly shaded. People, I have a confession to make: I can’t draw a straight line and shades even if you paid me. So instead, I went to a different high school because I didn’t know better, and because I didn’t know where I want to go in life.

College was better because with it I am equipped to be an entrepreneur, but I still wonder what would have happened if schools in my country weren’t focused on testing the general knowledge or the ability to draw the straight line. What if, instead, they were focused on practical knowledge: sewing a garment? I could have gotten in, because kinesthetic work is what suits me best.

I also wish I had stood up for myself and really thought of what I want in life. There are the things that make me happy and that I’m good at doing, but sewing is definitely on top of the game. That’s why I’m finding my way back to it, combining my entrepreneurial knowledge and my skills. My first step is creating items for my Etsy shop, like this little lavender pocket pillow.

If you want to help me make more steps towards it, please consider becoming my Patron. It’s not a lifetime commitment. Even once a month or once and for all, of any amount that you choose, will help me a great deal and you will be rewarded.

Thank you.

Sew me something…

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…or how I re-discovered my sewing machine.

I know this is probably the most used excuse ever, but I’ve been really busy with life things. Such as organizing a few crocheting workshops in my local HUB and looking for a (real) job…still looking. That was fun, and a big learning curve.

I also didn’t knit much, or even order new yarn because I am a bit (quite) tight on money and it’s getting reeeeeally hot! I was working on this blanket, but I didn’t get too far, because I realized I wouldn’t have enough yarn, so I figured I might as well do something else. I would love to make a giant waffle stitch blanket. One day.

Waffle stitch blanket

On the other hand, I finally started using my sewing machine! It’s a gorgeous Husqvarna Huskystar 207 model, given to me by my beloved grandparents many moons ago for my birthday, when I was just 18. I’ll be 31 in a few months. You do the math.

So, the reason why I didn’t use this machine too often, or almost at all, is because the instructions are sort of stupidly written, so I couldn’t quite figure out how to connect the needle thread and the spool thread, without turning the machine over on its back and painstakingly slowly doing that by hand.

Having downloaded the English manual, I had experienced a full-on moment of a face palm, when I realized that ALL I HAD TO DO was to lower the needle and press the pedal a few times. Once that was settled, there was the question of wavering stitches. I’m telling you guys, I was in no way proud of my stitches! Rather, I was horrified.

And so, the machine was in the closet for quite some time, until a few weeks ago, when my new rotary cutter blades came in the mail. I had a bunch of old clothes that I didn’t have the energy to rip out by hand, because the stitches were very tiny. And since it all went so fast with the rotary cutter, I started getting ideas that go beyond fixing an old pillowcase. Not that I don’t enjoy doing that. In fact, I did make a new pillowcase for a long pillow that I have in my room. All the photos of these projects will be in the sewing gallery.

Very soon, I started thinking about everything that I can sew. One of the things I’m most proud of is a lavender pouch. My grandma gave me the leftover fabric that she had used for her garden seat pillow. The label said decorative fabric, and it reminds me of burlap very much, but it’s softer than burlap. Ever since that moment, the gates are open and I’m falling in love with sewing more and more! It’s going so natural for me, and one of these days I will write about one of my biggest regrets in life, and my desire to make it come true in a roundabout way:)

Ok, that’s all for me today, I’ll see you very soon! Meanwhile, I would like to hear from you what’s your favorite sewing project so far?


Sleepy Socks go live…

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or how I found the courage to publish my first knitting pattern! First of all, let me say that I couldn’t do it without my amazing knit testers, who were very detailed and honest about the pattern. If it weren’t for them, Sleepy Socks would be still an image in my mind, and not an actual pattern!

This pattern is more of a recipe because it’s very adaptable to every knitter, beginner or advanced, and their foot and leg size. After all, we do come in various shapes and sizes, and that is the beauty of being human.

The pattern can be found here! If you’re not a Ravelry member, but would still love to buy the pattern, you can .

Your support will keep me producing more knitted and crocheted garments! Thank you!

Sleepy Socks almost ready for purchase…

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…or how I finally published a pattern! Well, almost!

The thing is, I love keeping my feet warm at night when it’s still embarrassingly too early to turn the heating on. I have extremely cold feet, and no amount of cotton socks can really help me. Been there, done that. Trust me.

I’ve designed Sleepy Socks so that they are knit up much quicker and on big needles. I made my first pair of knee-high Sleepy Socks in two days. A day per sock. Yay! Also, they are extremely adaptable to any adult foot size. Double yay!!

I’m having the pattern tested as we speak. If you want to join in, drop me a line with your e-mail address on: creatingmagic0@gmail.com and I will send you the pattern. Once it’s published it will be paid for, but my testers get it for free!


Ugh, I can’t…

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…or how I will never knit a log cabin again!

Seriously! Never would be too soon to work on it! There’s this blanket for a baby I was telling you about, with embroidered companion cube symbol in each of the blocks from which the blanket is made of.

11541247_10152927503271299_1271816174_nThere are 12 blocks in total and I like doing it because I can see such a nice progress, but for some reason garter stitch and picking up the stitches TAKES FOREVER TO FINISH!!! I still have 2 more blocks to go, then I need to wash and block the pieces and then connect them together, and that’s it. That’s doable, but I can’t be bothered to attempt something like that for myself, in the size I’m planning.

I think it’s safe to say that a garter stitch and myself don’t love each other that much after all! That’s fine, I suppose. There are other stitches out there that get my love.