Step by step to casting on

Casting on is an essential step when it comes to knitting. Here is a visual, step by step guide, for casting on your stitches. Before you start, keep in mind that you need to leave a tail that is long enough to make all the stitches. Your working yarn is attached to your skein. In the photo below, you can see what I’m talking about.



To make this stitch follow the steps illustrated below:

DSC05679 copy

Notice the little loops around my thumb and my 2nd finger? Well, you need these to make your stitch. Put your needle through the loop of the thumb, move it to the loop on the second finger and pull it back through the first loop. Sounds difficult? Really, it isn’t. Here are the photos:

DSC05680 copy  DSC05681 copy  DSC05683 copy

Oh yeah, notice that two strands between your 4th and 5th finger? Pull them each to one side and you have your perfect slip stitch! Now that wasn’t so hard, was it? However, the fun has just begun, so let’s continue our cast-on. The process is just teeny tiny different from making the slip stitch!

Step two: PUT THE SECOND STITCH ON THE NEEDLE (gee, I’m not really creative here, am I? Never mind, let’s start, shall we?)

Erm…so…wrap your working yarn around your finger. Don’t pull too tight but you don’t want it too loose either. Take your tail and wrap it around your thumb. You’ll notice a loop similar to the one above, around the thumb. Only this time, you are going to wrap your needle around the working thread, ONCE, and pull it through the loop. Use your thumb to push the tail out of the way and notice how you’ve just made your second stitch.

DSC05686 copy DSC05687 copy DSC05688 copy DSC05689 copy DSC05692 copy

Cool, right? The second step will be making our second row, and we’ll cover that in a couple of days. Meanwhile, a video tutorial for a cast-on will come up shortly. I’ll see you soon, guys.


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