Knitting frenzy…

…or how I deal with stress.

I suppose it’s that time of the year when most people are slowly starting to look back on the events which made their mark. Do I have some regrets or still unfulfilled dreams? Sure. But I choose to focus on so many good things that have happened in the span of these 11 months so far. Many new people came into my life, some others, regrettably or not, left. Things have happened, major things and small things which make my daily routine ever so entertaining. Things like having my story published in an anthology; the story I’m most proud of so far. Events, like my grandparents’ soon-to-come 66th meeting anniversary.

And the bad things are in here, too. I will not say what they are, because it doesn’t matter. What matters is that I’ve found the perfect way to cope with them; by maniacally knitting. That’s right, the closer December gets, the more projects are on the needles.

Now let’s number them:

1. Toe up socks. I love knitting toe up socks because the heel always looks perfect. Besides that, I always get to use up the whole skein and determine the length of the sock before i start working on the cuff. For this particular project I’m using Uschi Wolle Super Preis in color dark grey (colorway 22)

Toe up socks
Toe up socks

You can see that I’m knitting one on a circular needle, and the other on a set of DPNs. That’s because I just so happened to have the exact same needle size. I tried knitting both of them on just the circular needle at the same time, but the cord is prone to snapping at unpleasant places. (ask me how I know :/) This is a DK / 8ply yarn, and the label says it works between 3-3.5mm needle size. I found that it works best on needle size 3mm. The yarn is soft with just a little bit of scratch to it, but it still feels comfortable on bare feet.

2. Next, we have a bigger project from which I stole the 3mm needles to work on the socks: the turtle-necked poncho:

Turtle-necked poncho
Turtle-necked poncho

The color is deep purple, don’t ask me how it turned almost blue on the photo. I’ve used two skeins of colourway 77 (lemon yellow) and a half a skein of colourway 169 (purple). So far it’s the best fitting garment that I have made for myself, from scratch. I made this on the go, and I have yet to decide whether or not I’ll have the arm opening of sort. It’s still not washed and blocked, and it’s still not long enough, but it fits my shoulders just right. I’ve decided on the turtle neck because I tend to get cold when I’m sitting at my desk and writing.

3. A scarf for my brother who’s gone to another city to study medicine. He specifically instructed me to knit him a black scarf with a red deer. I didn’t take any photos yet, but they’re coming soon. The yarns I’ve used in this project are:

Lana Grossa Basic Quick in colour red and Uschi Wolle Super Preis in colourway 38 Black. All the yarn that I’ve mention here is DK / 8 ply.

I won’t be surprised if I decide to put something else on my needles, but so far that’s it.

And what’s on your needles?

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