Update on toe-up socks

…or why I’m not overly impressed by it.

Recently I watched Stacy Perry’s (Verypink.com) Cropped Raglan Cardi tutorial; a beautiful cardigan with a beautiful, gentle grey colour. As I looked through yarns in Müller chain store a month ago, I was immediately drawn to skeins of grey, placed next to blacks of the same brand (Uschi Wolle Super Preis). So I took two skeins of each.

I must admit that even though the specifications for both yarns were the same (3-3.5mm needles), the thickness of grey skein as opposed to black skein was obvious. It was very thick. But I wasn’t bothered by it, because I had a feeling that the socks will be perfect.

Well. Khem… I kind of hate the result, to be completely honest. I mean, I’ll definitely wear these socks to bed and they fit me nicely and they’re warm but the yarn itself seems so dull now that it’s actually on my feet. Let me show you what I mean:

toe-up socks
toe-up socks

To liven them up a bit, I decided to change the colour of the heel. Also, a different heel colour will help me see where I’ll need to reinforce the stitches and thus prevent breaking.

toe-up socks - side view
toe-up socks – side view

The side view makes them look a bit better. As I said, they are comfortable but they’re also plain. It makes the yarn look a lot darker and rougher when it’s knit up, than when it was rolled up in a skein. I’ll probably never buy this yarn again, except for maybe knitting toys. I’m almost done with the second sock as well, since I’ve found the way to work them both at the same time.


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