I am in Heaven! It’s here!

DSC05766 DSC05767

Just last week I found the most perfect sweater that I knew I needed to knit. It’s called Margot, and I fell in love with it. Deciding to make this sweater, preferably by Christmas Eve, required ordering more yarn than just a skein or two. So I found an online yarn shop in Istanbul, Turkey, and ordered four skeins of 100 grams, each one containing approximately 280m, which should be enough for a sweater with a perfect fit.

Now, I’m one of those knitters who never swatch even when hats or gloves are concerned. However, this time I’ve decided to make an exception and swatch it properly so that I can determine the correct needle size for the project. In order to avoid multiple swatches, I combined three into one. This is what I mean.

Gauge swatch with 3 different needle sizes
needles size 3.75 up close

My first needle size was 2.75 (which was a mistake, tbh) (bottom row) but I figured I might as well practice my swatches. I’m not sure how many rows I did, I should count them, but I switched between knitting and purling to get a stockinette stitch. Then I did a few rows of garter stitch and switched to 3mm (middle rows). then I went up two sizes and used 3.75 which is recommended in the pattern. Hopefully, one of these will give me 20sts by 4 inches. The swatch itself is a little longer than 5.5 inches.

Then I washed it in warm water, not using any detergent because I don’t have one right now at hand, rinsed it and spread it out on the mat to dry before I count the stitches. I must say that I am stunned at how wonderfully it swatches, and the way that the yarn feels on my fingers as I knit it. It’s a 100% Virgin Wool Deluxe yarn. It was 20$ with shipping. As a comparison, I can’t find a 100% wool anywhere in Croatia, unless I learn to sheer sheep and spin the yarn. Don’t have time for that, though.

On that note, I’m afraid that I’ve become quite a knitting snob. How will I ever manage to knit with acrylic again!?


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