Blessed be the one who invented swatching

I believe I have mentioned before how I never swatch before I dive into the project. Not even for socks or gloves or hats. I know, shame on me. But as I was holding my newly arrived 100% virgin wool deluxe that I intended for a sweater, something told me that I should invest time into making a swatch. The reason is simple: I’m busty and I’m fine with it. My measurement in that area is 41” . Looking at the project notes I saw that the the size M is for 40” and size L for 44”.

Determining the right size would have been very difficult if I hadn’t swatched my sample. The pattern called for 20 stitches by 4 inches, and I got 22. So, if I went ahead and cast on for size L, it would be humongous on me. I didn’t want that, so I decided to cast on for size M, instead. That way it will be more fitted and hopefully I won’t have to order extra yarn.

The yarn feels like silk on my fingers and flows lightly from needle to needle.

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