Update on ongoing projects

The more hectic the things are around me, the more obsessively I knit. So here are the updates on all of my pretty stuff on the needles. Let’s start with the pullover:

Top down pullover 'Margot' by Linden Down
DSC_0870 Top down pullover ‘Margot’ by Linden Down

I am almost done with the raglan increases for the shoulders. I am already loving the way it’s turning out.

Then there are the ugly grey socks that I complained about last week. Well, I couldn’t just let them remain so ugly so I decided to give them a bit more colour and I like them more because of it. They’ll reach all the way up my calves, since winter is fast approaching and my pyjamas seem to pull up my legs when I’m in bed.

DSC_0875 DSC_0877

Lastly, the scarf for my brother that I was telling you about, with a red elk. The elk is taken from BabyNorgichart pattern, available on Ravelry. I find it adorable. One of them is finished, and I’ll make another one at the other end of the scarf. This will be my Christmas present to him.

DSC_0881 DSC_0878


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