The scarf is done!

Yes, yes, yes I finally did it! The scarf for my brother is finally done!


Keep in mind that it isn’t blocked yet, but you get the idea of what my brother will (fingers crossed) wear during his winter walks to college. it’s not awfully long, and he is a bit taller that I am (that’s me modelling it) but it will serve its purpose. I only have left to steam block it tomorrow, because he’s coming home within a half an hour.

Now about the construction itself, I found a chart on Ravelry as far as the deer goes, but I made the scarf to my own liking. I used 3.5mm needles for both yarns, although the red one feels much thinner and lighter than the black. They’re also a different type.

One of the things that I found tricky was how to make both fronts look alike, without stitches looking weird. So when I got almost to the end of the scarf I unravelled the skein and started working my way back, to connect two ends. You can see a prominent line on the right side of the photo, where I kitchener-stitched them together. I think it will go away when I steam block it.

I only have to weave in the ends. Now, since this is intarsia I can’t think of any other way of hiding the back side of the work than to knit up a few rows of stitches to cover up the coloured pieces. That’s all from me for today, I’ll keep you updated 🙂

A small rant: I managed to squeeze in a grandma’s Christmas present, a hat just like the pink one you see in the gallery, but that meant I had to squeeze out my own pullover that is still on scrap yarn. hopefully I’ll grab some time and start knitting  it again.

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