Knitting paid off!

When my brother asked me to make him a scarf this summer, I nearly choked on my water glass. He, who always scoffs whenever he sees me knitting because, and I quote, that’s for old ladies. But apparently he was serious and adamant about what kind of scarf he wants. Black with a red deer on each side. He also threatened to cancel the order if I so much as ask him once more if he was sure he wanted it.

So I went searching for the yarn, admittedly a bit too late since I finished the scarf today, on Christmas Eve, and I ran out of yarn so it isn’t as long as I wanted it to be. I’ll make him a longer one next year. But anyway, I’ve been keeping it a secret from him and nearly blurted it out a few times, especially today.

I lightly ironed it and folded it in a little bag, and casually told him there is a gift from Santa under our Christmas tree. A tiny, electric Christmas tree. He unravelled it and said: if it isn’t the scarf! Indeed it is!

And then, my brother who is kind but mostly a huge teaser and pain in the butt stood up and hugged me and gave me a kiss, which was so gratifying. So yeah, all that time spent working on it and hoping that he’ll like it paid off! He does! He said he’s taking it back with him to Rijeka.

He also said that he didn’t believe I’ll actually take him serious. 🙂

I am blessed!

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