More on the sweater changes + chemo cap

Ok, first up we have the sweater update. You remember my slight annoyance with the increase bumps across the breasts? Well, they’ve been annoying me so much that I had to do something about it. Something like getting another full skein and start over with a size L, instead of forcing the increases on size M (until I learn how to properly increase with short row shaping or bust darts).

Earlier I would have been so distressed about the fact that even though I’ve lost weight I’m still size L, but I know it has nothing to do with my general shape, just my upper body. (My waist is M) So I’m finally doing the waist decreases, more than it’s written in the pattern. I LOOOOOOVE IT! I really love the way it’s working out, it looks much more even!

I also did significant changes on the construction itself. I’ve been ripping the collar apart because I couldn’t get it right. So I looked at the pattern and decided to cast on a number of stitches which would normally be on the needles after the collar increases were done. From there, I went to knit the raglan increases, cut the yarn and went back to the collar.

Now, since the collar is done by casting on a small number of stitches and then increasing, I needed to work it the other way around. I crocheted the edge of my cast on to see where I need to put my needle in, and then I did the following: PM, k2tog, knit to last two stitches, ssk, pm and repeat that on the other side. The next row was purled. I kept decreasing like that until I had 51 sts on each side. (yes, I miscounted and ended up with 2 more stitches. Oh well…)

One more important thing: it looks like I still have some problems reading the pattern, because the beginning of the round and the raglan increases were not as it was written in the pattern. So I had to improvise it a bit, and am waist decreasing on both sides of the sweater. Don’t get me wrong, when I put it on it looks just like in the photo. Now the only thing left for me to do is knit the rest of the length without decreasing or increasing. Then all I have to do is finish the sleeves, and I think I’ll have to make additional decreases at the armpit.

Photos coming soon!

As for the chemo cap, my cousin was visiting Georgia two years ago, for her senior high school year. She was in a family of three kids, and one of them (14) has leukaemia, so she will have to start chemo and her hair will fall off. My aunt asked me if I could knit a cap for her to wear outside. I couldn’t say no to that, so I told my aunt to buy the yarn and now I’ve already started casting on. I’ll put the photos up once it’s finished.


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