Oh the irony…

…or when you think you have enough yarn to destash.

Remember my rant a few weeks ago, when I complained that I have too much acrylic in my stash? Well, I’ve decided to finally do something about it so I started destashing. First of all there was the Log Cabin blanket. Well, I suppose you can call it a blanket perfect enough for a cat, but it turned out I have not enough yarn, like not nearly enough, for the blanket – only for one square:


The border is in purple on all sides, but I think I’ll crochet a row or two in black. Then there’s the moss stitch pouch (my design):


By the way I totally hate the colour so I finally had the opportunity to be mostly rid of it. I still have a few yards left, though.

Lastly, for now, are the baby socks made for a friend’s newborn. Such an adorable child ❤


The pattern is from Ravelry from a very talented designer. It’s my first go at baby socks and I think I’m kind of hooked 😀

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