I want it, but…

…or how good it feels once you do it!

This is a post about sewing. And a little about knitting. I got a sewing machine that I really love, from my grandparents for my 18th birthday. It’s been with me for almost twelve years now, and I’m ashamed to say that I barely touched it. Not because I don’t want to, of course, but because I keep finding excuses such as I can’t even sew a straight line, let alone create something else!

I did take it out a few times, but every time I started I was discouraged from how awful the stitches looked like. I put it back out of sight, for a few years until today. The thing is, I felt such an intense desire to sew, that I felt my hands shaking. I couldn’t wait any longer, I had to sew! Luck had it that my dad was away on meetings for a few hours, so I had plenty of time to cut out my pieces and sew.

I’ve decided to start with a project that’s been in my head from the moment I received a bunch of knitting needles that I had ordered on Ebay. I dove into my stash, full of scraps of fabric and still-assembled-items-of-clothing-that-are-waiting-to-be-ripped-into-pieces, and found what I was looking for. Now, keep in mind that I’m an utter beginner when sewing is concerned, but that doesn’t mean that I’m willing to take just a small piece of fabric and practice straight sewing. That’s just boring to me.

I don’t do boring :D, I want to have fun as well as make something useful. So what could be better than a knitting needle case that can easily fit into my travel bag? The photo you’re about to see is just a small preview and I’m pretty sure I’ll change it because I’m not satisfied with the way it looks. I used fabrics that are too different in weight, the denim and some sort of soft material that I’m not sure what it’s called. Also, I accidentally cut the denim in the wrong place. I do have a back-up plan as to how I’m going to fix it, and I’ll get to it as soon as tomorrow, hopefully. But the main idea is obvious: a circular needle case 🙂



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