Call me crazy…

…or how I decided to lose weight – by knitting.

I’ve always had more kilograms than I liked, but over the years I’ve done some big things in that department and I’m happy to say that now, when I look at myself in the mirror, I’m not repulsed by what I see. Instead, I accept that this is where I am at the moment and that it’s possible for me to reach my desired weight with a little more physical activity and a little less bread.

But anyway, you’re probably wondering how in the *ell am I planning to lose weight by knitting, right? Well, there’s a cardigan pattern that I’m drooling about for over a year now, but since it’s more good-looking on a fit (and/or flat) tummy, I thought I’d never have the chance to cast on for it with one of my favourite yarns from Turkey.

And then I thought to myself wait, I can think better than that! I’ll still cast on for a medium size which, in all fairness, I’d be most happy about. I never aspired to wear a size S, I’d like to be more in the M range with a fit stomach and tight booty. So I finally cast on 4 days ago and now I’m already decreasing for the yoke and the sleeves.

And yes, so far I can not close it at all except in the most prominent area (breasts), and I’m still missing a few rows for the edging at the front but I have such a desire to fit into it that I’m sure I’ll update you on that very soon. This is the yarn I’m using: DSC_0928

I had a little less than a full ball of yarn when I started, but it was enough to knit all the way until a few rows short of yoke decreases and a provisional cast on for the sleeves.


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