I made a mistake…

… or it looked better in my head.

Sometimes things just don’t go the way we planned. The idea seems perfect but the implementation of it leaves much to be desired. Remember my last post about losing weight and knitting a cardigan a few sizes smaller? Well, I’m still determined to reach the desired weight, but I ripped the whole cardigan for one and only reason:

The yarn doesn’t look equally as good as knitted on big needles as I had imagined it to look.

Seriously, I’m not impressed. The yarn pills a lot and leaves out a fuzzy impression and I really don’t want people to comment that it’s more house-appropriate. That’s not to say that I won’t make one for the home, but with this yarn I plan something else.

You see, I’ve been wondering lately what to do with all those scraps of yarn that I have, that is (surprisingly) mostly sock weight (some of them are pure acrylic). I’ve also been whining a lot that I don’t have enough yarn for a decent-sized bed throw. When I say decent-sized, I mean the one that is long and wide enough to cover me without having to bring my knees to my chest, just to cover myself completely, so that it reaches under my chin.

Well, today, as I was ripping out the cardi (my wrists say ‘ouch’), I had an epiphany! This yarn (merino/nylon/something else blend) is perfect for a blanket! Upon further deliberation I decided to use small scraps of yarn for the center square, and basically knit a log cabin blanket with the rest of the purple yarn (that’s because my scrap yarn is very small in yardages).

I’m using 1.5 needles (2.5mm). This should be fun.

Having said that, however, I did not give up on the Kaleidoscope dream. It’s only postponed for a while until perfect yarn comes along. In the meantime I’ll make a warm spring/autumn throw. The winter one is still a distant dream, yarn-quantity-wise.

I’ll post photos as soon as the first block is finished.


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