Some big news…

…or how I became a member of Patreon!

It’s funny how sometimes the only thing you need is a little nudge in the right direction. That nudge creates a stronger and stronger roll down the hill, and it gains more momentum. Remember my Sleepy socks? The socks that came to life by me being emotionally hurt by a family member?

Well…that was the nudge. I started making the pattern. Then I started taking photos for the pattern. Then I said I’ll publish it for free, to give back to my wonderful Ravelry community. Really, if you’re not a Raveler yet, please join us! Fun, support and yarn galore!

Anyway. I have a dear, dear friend from Montreal, the one who sent me yarn for Christmas, who doesn’t knit. Despite that, she’s always intrigued by my knitting skills and finished objects. To cut the long story short, she was particularly interested in making Sleepy socks. So much so that she inspired me to join Patreon and make knitting videos! Sleepy socks are the first video tutorial, segmented into a few videos to make it easier to watch.

You wanna know the kicker? She became my patron, which was completely unexpected!!!

Therefore, I’m proudly announcing that I’ll be launching Sleepy socks video tutorials for complete beginners on Patreon, starting Aug. 1st!

The PDF pattern will be published here for free (packed with step-by-step photos), because I realize not every one of you would like to make a small donation for a video. Unless you want to, of course, in which case you’ll get all the information in the pattern.

Whatever you choose, I’d be most grateful if you could send me a feedback and a photo of your finished objects!

The sock in question!

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