Ugh, I can’t…

…or how I will never knit a log cabin again!

Seriously! Never would be too soon to work on it! There’s this blanket for a baby I was telling you about, with embroidered companion cube symbol in each of the blocks from which the blanket is made of.

11541247_10152927503271299_1271816174_nThere are 12 blocks in total and I like doing it because I can see such a nice progress, but for some reason garter stitch and picking up the stitches TAKES FOREVER TO FINISH!!! I still have 2 more blocks to go, then I need to wash and block the pieces and then connect them together, and that’s it. That’s doable, but I can’t be bothered to attempt something like that for myself, in the size I’m planning.

I think it’s safe to say that a garter stitch and myself don’t love each other that much after all! That’s fine, I suppose. There are other stitches out there that get my love.

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