Bye bye Etsy

… or how nothing is a perfect option for everyone.

Let’s face it: Etsy’s a magnificent site for all of us creative people, from all walks of interests, and I will never dispute that fact. But likewise, Etsy isn’t ideal for everyone, and there comes a point where you need to just stop, observe and realize that you’re doing yourself more damage than good. And Etsy isn’t entirely to blame, either. The fact is that no matter how much I invested into my account, in terms of promotion, I had more and more struggles with views and people saving my items for potential purpose.

Aside from that, there was one thing that bothered me the most: there was no way I could connect to my buyers on a personal level. I could never give my products a personal story, the reason why I made it in the first place. I couldn’t share my pitfalls during construction, I couldn’t keep regular updates. All I could do is keep spending money to keep the listings and regular, monthly bill.

So I’ve decided to close my account, and I felt no guilt doing it. This way I can fully commit to working on this blog. Not to mention that all the money I would pay for Etsy listings are now going towards more knitting and sewing supplies. That’s a huge win for me.

I already had my first buyer on this blog a few weeks ago! Another potential Dr. Who fan! (give me time and I’ll fully upgrade him. 😉 )

I’ll post progress on some new items that I’ve made in a couple of days!


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  1. Twillingart says:

    Yay, good for you for finding your way! You only have so much energy each day so shine bright where you can and where it feels best. Good luck to you!


    1. Thank you! That’s very sweet of you to say, and you’re absolutely right! Best to focus where it feels the easiest!

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      1. Twillingart says:

        What a sense of ease this idea brings with it. Xo


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