Little Missuz

…or how I can’t stop sewing!

Yup, I did it again and I’m sorry, but I’m not sorry! Sewing is what keeps me going, what makes me happy and what makes me positively focus on my longer term goals! So what’s new on my list?


This little cat! She was supposed to be a pin cushion but I ended up liking her so much that I couldn’t bear to poke her with pins! She’s 2in x 2in small, she is smaller than the palm of my hand (and I have really small hands). She’s filled with scrap yarn to the fullest, and the tail is left flat.

The floral fabric is the one I took from my grandma’s pillowcase leftovers. I have plenty enough to make another lined tote, on the smaller side.

The reason why she has no facial features: she reminds me of the toys that I had when I was a toddler. These are the reasons why my imagination is always plentiful; because I got to imagine her own special features and, following that, her character.

Learned lesson while making this cat:

  • rotary cutter is NOT my friend
  • should stick to scissors
  • I can’t, for the life of me, sew the curves on the machine
  • machine sew whatever I can to make the assembly and the rest of the hand sewing much easier and quicker
  • find a better location for the blanket stitch
  • devote more time cutting out the ears

In a few days I’ll make more of them, which I’ll put up on my store so if you are a cat lover, or know someone who is, you know where to find that small token of appreciation 🙂


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