My most favorite sewn FO…

….or how I’ve set myself up for a challenge!

To be honest, I could use this title every time I sew something new, but for now, this makeup pouch is really my absolute favorite, so far! So what’s this challenge all about? Well, there’s a book called Discover Patchwork by Tina Ealovega, in which she collected about 20-30 patchwork and quilting projects and instructions.

I’ve had this book for years, I might have already mentioned this, and now I’ve decided to attempt at least one project from the book every week. Not all of them will be of the correct scale, because I don’t have that much fabric and I don’t need 10 full-sized quilts lying around the room, but the point is to learn the technique.

dsc_0051 dsc_0052





The little diamond-shaped squares you see is my first attempt at half square triangles. I’m actually happy that the points aren’t sharp, because I think they would stand out too much from the print on the light blue fabric. Also, I must point out: ironing does miracles! That very same middle panel is an afterthought, because I was too lazy to ransack my fabric stash for matching fabric. Also, truth be told, I wanted to use the straps of a similar weight, type and color, so any other color in the middle would just be an eyesore.

Next up is sewing on the snaps. I’ve decided to sew them on black strips, with the black thread, so it will be completely invisible.

I’ve sewn this pouch once before, and it’s in the wash now so I’ll take a photo of it once it’s done, but it can’t match the quality of this one. What’s so cool about these pouches, is that you can really make them in any size, and they will look amazing and fulfill their purpose. This definitely won’t be my last one, I can assure you!

Next time I might try the biased tape around the edges, instead of plain top stitching. We’ll see.


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