I’m insatiable!


Or, how you can never have enough skirts!

DSC_0072Honestly, skirts are the best things ever, especially when you find the type that fits you perfectly. For me, that’s the A-line (skater) skirt, and possibly a pencil skirt, too, if I trim my tummy a bit more and actually fit into it. It’s hanging in my closet, patiently waiting.

Anyway, the silk feels so light and comfortable on my skin! It’s so perfect! It is a bit damaged, you can see here in the front, and I’m not 100% happy with my first ever attempt at inserting elastic, so I’ll wear it around the house.

I plan on buying more fabric, because now i feel more comfortable with my sewing skills. Sometimes when I see how something turned out and I’m not happy with it, I need to remember that I’m a very new beginner who, admittedly, doesn’t shy away from the complicated stuff, because where’s the fun in simple things. Right? šŸ˜‰

Oh, and don’t mind the raw edge, I have yet to trim it down!




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