I won’t touch the pattern…

or, how my plan magnificently failed!

Remember this pattern envelope that came to me in the mail? View D, pattern number 6871? Remember how I said that I won’t touch it until my birthday, in two and a half months’ time? 19055005_10154632564826299_6414608228894454590_o

Hahahhahaahahaha! That’s all I have to say about that. Seriously. It all started innocently, by cutting out the pattern pieces because having them all as a part of a one giant sheet of paper just didn’t make any sense to me. My reasoning was, when I open the pattern envelope on my birthday, I’d use at least two hours carefully cutting the pieces that I need. Now, that’s just a waste of time, isn’t it?

And then it all pretty much started going downhill. Since I had already cut out the pieces and taken my bust measurement, I might as well trace the pattern to preserve the original, right? And then I looked at the fabric:

Fabric for the top

and thought, hmm, let’s see if the pattern pieces will fit. They did. I had just enough fabric for the front and the back piece, but not enough for the collar and the bottom. Which is fine, because there has to be a contrasting fabric anyway.

I cut the fabric straight away, just so that I can “be ready for the right moment”. I went back to reading the instructions and realized that, somehow, I’m not really getting what they’re saying. Something needed to be done.Luckily, there was a big piece of an old pillowcase in my stash, the one that has a big rip in the fabric. I took it out and started cutting out the pattern pieces, because I had decided that, at this point, it would be really smart to make a mock-up version of the real thing. I also sacrificed the skirt that I barely wore because of the wrong fit. Aka, it was too big on me:


The result of the mock-up is here:


I’m very with it. The only thing I’d consider doing differently is to sew with a 3/8” or 4/8” seam allowance, rather than 5/8”. Also, I’ll need to be very careful with the gathering on the back and the front, and I’ll need to use a coordinating, white thread.

I also don’t think I need the bottom band in a contrasting fabric. I like it as it is right now. Overall, the pattern is fantastic. I love the fit. I definitely recommend it.

P.s., please ignore the messiness of this version. It’s because I wasn’t ironing it at all as I was cutting. and sewing. Yeah. Shame on me.


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