About me…

…. or who on God’s green Earth is Creatingmagic?

That’s me! Always hiding behind the camera, so my pretty face stays hidden. What can I say, I love my privacy! I’m also mostly happy, a little crazy if I’m around people who know me very well, and funny at times, when I feel inspired. I’m also a writer, a sewer, a fantastic cook and baker…really, anything that has something to do with hands, I’m good at it! Knitting and crocheting is one of those things.

When I was about six years old, I remember harassing my grandma into teaching me how to crochet and knit, even though I could hardly hold the hook correctly in my hands, let alone the needles. But I persisted and have enjoyed knitting and crocheting ever since.

When I started college I dropped the handcrafting altogether, because hey, that’s for grandmas, right? And so I spent five years not knitting, and it is really safe to say that those have been the worst five years of my entire life. The moment I picked my needles back up, I felt a relief!

I don’t consider myself a yarn snob, although I do prefer wool and cotton to acrylic. Luxury yarns, such as Malabrigo, Madeline Tosh and Wollmeise, are on my wish list. I’m also sobbing with the realization that even though I have  5 big boxes packed with yarn, I still don’t have not even close enough to make a decent-sized blanket! Yup, most of my yarn is sock yarn. Oh well, I’m still young, I suppose.

Join me on my quest of sharing the joy of handcrafting, and have some giggles along the way. Hopefully.

Oh, and one more important thing! If you love my work here on my blog, please hop on over to my Patreon page, become my Patron and help me buy more yarn and other craft supplies! Thank you ❤


What is Patreon?

Patreon is a way to support creators, creative people from all walks of life, by pledging a specific amount per month.

Why would anyone pledge to any person?

By pledging a certain amount each month, you are helping creators to maintain and improve their hobbies, to pour their souls out into the world through their work. And you get benefits of being a patron, too!

Ok, so how does that work?

You can either choose the amount listed by me, or choose your own amount, that you feel comfortable giving, for as long as you feel comfortable giving. You will get an in-depth view into my creative process, my thoughts on the things I’m working on, my ideas…you can challenge me to try things I never even considered sewing/knitting/crocheting before! Not to mention, for $20, which is so far the biggest tier, you get a small surprise from me each month.


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